“The Morning Paper” Video Shoot

This weekend we’ve been working on the video for our new single “The Morning Paper” which is out on UGLY MAN records on the 23rd November. The good people at Mode Training and Backbone Studios let us use their space for the day, and we enlisted the help of Freakbeat Films to make the whole thing happen.

Dan Hewitson and John McGlone on set.

The song is a first person confessional from the viewpoint of a man who has been driven to do something unspeakable by all of the negative things he’s surrounded himself with, not least of all the hateful words he reads every day over breakfast. When he finally comes to appreciate the perverse glory handed out to killers on the front page of the newspaper, he makes his mind up to do the unthinkable and claim some of that glory for himself.

Guitar Villain
Guitar Villain facing up to The Auditor.

In the video, we give 3 potential faces to the song’s narrator and pit them against a mysterious, faceless interviewer – I’ve taken to calling him The Auditor, and he has begun to haunt my dreams – in a room that’s 1-part Purgatory, 3-parts Job Centre (it’s not always easy to tell the difference.)

The Auditor

Our protagonists were played with boundless enthusiasm by three of our good friends making their acting debut – John McGlone (Western Promise), Guitar Villain and Jimmy’s very own dad Mooner. The lads pulled off “scary” effortlessly, but with little flourishes of inspired improv they also managed to inject some much-needed humour into the whole thing too.

We can’t wait to share the final cut with you!